Methodical, planned and research-based approach to effective public relations evaluation and ROI measurement.

Does your public relations support measure effectiveness in terms of the advertising value of the coverage you get? If so, perhaps it’s time to think seriously about having a word. Because Advertising Value Equivalents (or AVEs) are a nonsense measure of public relations.

Apart from anything else, AVEs just don’t address the value of several important areas of public relations including direct communication, crisis response, ‘grassroots’, viral or blogging campaigns, or public affairs. In other words, AVEs reduce PR to just the media dimension. And only ‘old’ media, at that.

We’ll show you how the effectiveness of your public relations should be measured. And if you particularly want to put a dollar value against it we can help with that, too.

We believe strongly that thorough and professional evaluation is important to any ongoing communication programme. We use it to inform and shape the work we do, and our clients use it to benchmark the effectiveness of the work we do and to measure ROI.

Our commitment to evaluation, and the strategic application of this work, helped us win two awards for the ‘Best Use of Measurement by a PR Consultancy’ in past AMEC Communication Effectiveness Awards.

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