Media training

media training

“Six of one, half a dozen of the other.” The well-known saying speaks of balance. Of equilibrium. Of give and take.

Our branded media training course is called ‘6 of one…’ because it focuses on balance.

Balance between theory and practice. Balance between a journalist and a public relations professional. And balance between your organisation’s needs and those of the media.

The need for a bit of ‘give’ on the part of the interviewee (delivering to the journalist the essential stuff of a great interview) as well as ‘take’ (the interviewee’s reason for doing the interview).

It’s this focus on balance that differentiates our course and makes it so much more valuable than the others out there. Effective media training isn’t about teaching you how to talk to a camera while someone shouts at you through an ear-piece. It’s about teaching you what it takes to give a great interview.

It’s a hugely successful course and we’ve been running it for years. It forms part of our ‘white label’ support offering for larger consultancies.

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