Media management

Media management

Strong media relationships and detailed insight into what journalists are looking for. And how best to give it to them in a way that works for you.

Media management: a misnomer perhaps. Because if there are any journalists anywhere who like to be managed we haven’t found them yet.

We use the term to mean the management of your relationship with the media covering your sector, or important to your organisation.

We pride ourselves on cultivating great media relationships. On getting to know, on a personal level, individual journalists important to your business; finding out how we can be of help to them, and then delivering.

An example would be our unique feature-led approach to story pitching. Structural changes across the board in the newspaper industry mean that these longer-form yarns are more difficult to come by. So well-written features tend to be snapped up.

We treat journalists like clients. We’ll bend over backwards for them. They may not be the bill-payers but it earns us their respect. Which makes us so much more useful to you.

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