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Peter is one of the few PR professionals in Northland that knows what he is doing! When I worked with him in my role as chief reporter and business editor, I found his understanding of media, his clients and his role in facilitating a win-win for each, was impressive.

Christine Tobin, former business editor
The Northern Advocate


Peter is the epitome of the PR professional, with an ever-widening gap back to most of those in the burgeoning PR field who often provide more questions than answers. He has been of enormous value to this newspaper, and to the clients on whose behalf he communicates very effectively, whether proactively or in response to queries. His value will only grow as the process of reducing staff continues, making it increasingly difficult for this newspaper, and other media, to obtain information with our own resources.

Peter Jackson, editor
The Northland Age


I have built up a relationship with Peter and team over the past few years and have only ever found them to be professional and extremely knowledgeable. They work hard to get journalists the information they need, help to explain the intricacies where necessary and will provide an informed steer when official comment is unavailable. Working with them is the closest I’ve come to working with an in-house PR team that is not actually in-house!

Linda Fox,
freelance journalist


Peter is a terrific public relations professional. His team were the representatives in Europe for one of the largest and most important companies that I cover, and they were always available to provide clarity and context. I would be happy to work with them again.

Michele McDonald, editor,
Travel Technology Update


One of the most efficient and fast PR organisations I know of: they are either ready with a quote when I call, or they will source the right person to speak to – usually on the same day. But for me what really sets them apart from almost all PR companies is the fact they are very pro-active – suggesting story ideas, offering quotes and organising trips. With Due North I get more than just a soundbite or ‘a spokesman said’, I get the background and the context and a meaningful quote: again, very unusual and extremely welcome in PR.

Adam Coulter, editor
TTG Business


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