COVID-19: Northport operational update #6

Northport has been operating along strict Public Health Alert Level Three operational guidelines since 11.59pm on Monday this week. Contactless procedures have been implemented and full contact-tracing is in place.

Companies that stopped operations at Northport at Alert Level Four have resumed their activity here. People working for these companies have joined those who were working here throughout Level Four to ensure that operations are managed carefully to safeguard the gains made against COVID-19.

Our priority is to ensure that all activity at Northport complies with a) our Level Three operational guidelines and b) our pre-existing and long-standing health and safety guidelines. There is no need for one to be sacrificed for the other and our staff are monitoring activities at the port carefully to ensure that this is the case. We maintain zero tolerance of unsafe activity.

Log deliveries have resumed and are being facilitated through contactless scaling, weighbridge and receiving procedures. During Level Four we reached a record low for recent years of just 16,000 tonnes of logs at the port.

Further updates will be provided for the duration of Level Three, but we do not envisage that these will need to be as frequent as they have been to date.

Once again, we thank the staff of all the organisations working at the port for their patience, co-operation and compliance with the additional operational safeguards we have put in place for levels Four and Three. These have ensured that Northport has remained a healthy operating environment, as well as a safe one.

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