Dow business picks Northland team for change challenge

Dow Wolff Cellulosics (DWC), a leading supplier of manufacturing and formulation solutions to global health and nutrition businesses, has retained Due North for public relations consultancy and editorial support. The brief involves assisting DWC in its transition from a single-offering business servicing a plethora of industries, to a multi-product business focusing predominantly on food, pharmaceutical and specialty industrial applications.

DWC supplies high-performance cellulose-based products and formulation expertise to help manufacturers innovate and differentiate their products in highly-regulated markets. It’s now expanding its offering and creating market ‘pull’ by showing how it can help customers address their own marketing and manufacturing challenges.

Due North is working closely with DWC branding and communication leader Bettina Grabher to implement a transformation communication plan.

Due North uses a small network of trusted freelance support with many years’ experience in some of the largest public relations consultancies and leading media outlets. By harnessing this experience it can deliver to its clients an increasingly rare combination of sound writing skills and first-rate communication consultancy and expertise.

“I like the idea of being able to tap into this network of senior public relations practitioners,” Grabher said. “I’m getting big consultancy expertise, experience and input with small agency flexibility and a transparent structure.”

Due North has also worked for Dow Fibre Solutions (DFS), a leading manufacturer of textiles and fibres for the global fashion and clothing design industry.

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