Tech update boosts Kerikeri Retirement Village care

Kerikeri Retirement Village has introduced a single technology system, eCase, to streamline every aspect of its operation, from registering and managing requests for its retirement accommodation through to streamlining patient record-keeping in its care wing.

The eCase management system is helping the Village to reduce costs, eliminate the need for paper-based records, and de-duplicate a raft of records and databases. It also boosts the level of care and oversight in its care unit by enabling staff to make patient notes at the bedside and for these to be reviewed by supervisors in real-time if necessary.

Every detail of a resident’s involvement with the Village will be accessible at the click of a mouse, from the first email sent to enquire about living there through to an up-to-the-minute report of any medical treatment and prescription information.

“If a family member tells one of our health assistants at 11am that Mum is craving bananas, the system will enable our catering staff to ensure that there’s a banana on her plate that lunchtime,” said Cheryl Silich, the Village’s operational support manager.

Real-time, template-based record-keeping at patients’ bedsides does away with the need for healthcare assistants to write up notes at the end of each shift, reducing their workload and improving the quality of information on file. Staff starting shifts have a complete, written record of treatment and any issues affecting patients as at the end of the previous shift, instead of having to rely on verbal handovers or waiting until notes have been written up.

The system helps from a health and safety perspective as well. If there is an accident or near miss it allows staff to log it immediately and prompts action by the Village’s quality and risk co-ordinator.

“It’s all about enhancing the service and care we provide our residents, and about getting rid of administrative inefficiencies and frustrations for staff and the families of our residents,” Ms Silich said.

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