Northport statement: transport structure investment

Northport Ltd welcomes announcements by the government that significant investment is to be made in road and rail links in Northland.

Efficient transport links are vital for the entire region to realise its full economic potential and we will support any development that seeks to achieve this.

We are delighted that a national discussion is being had about realising the full economic potential of our region, and that aspirations for our region are being enabled with significant and meaningful infrastructural investment.

Ports don’t drive economic growth but can certainly facilitate it. Northport has plenty of room and the ability to grow as required to meet the needs of importers and exporters, not just in Northland but in Auckland too, and to help them reduce shipping costs and improve efficiencies (

Improved, modern transport infrastructure, as part of an integrated transport strategy, adds significantly to this value-proposition.

Coastal shipping has an important role to play in this integrated strategy, and the work announced this week provides for this.

These are significant times for New Zealand’s regions and we’re excited to be part of the story.

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