COVID-19: Northport operational update #2

As we enter Public Health Alert Level 4 this evening we’d like to take this opportunity to outline how Northport plans to operate over the next four weeks, and potentially beyond. Of course, the situation remains fluid and largely uncertain, so we will provide updates if and when any developments result in changes to what we outline below.

Northport is designated an essential service under law (Civil Defence Management Act 2002), a status that was reiterated in the MOT communication ‘Essential Services at Level 4 : Transport’, dated 23 March 2020. With this designation in mind we are required to remain open and to provide such port services as are determined essential by the government.

We have reviewed the current proposed shipping requirements and worked to ensure the port can meet these demands. However, we will be operating at reduced capacity with strict controls around person-to-person contact, social space, and health and hygiene requirements. We are maintaining sufficient flexibility to respond to any shift in freight demands. Third-party service providers such as marine services, stevedores, marshallers, and shipping and border agencies are also considered essential services and will remain operational to provide their services as required.

Paramount to all our activities is the safety of Northport staff and everyone who works at the port. All Northport staff and port workers who need to stay at home under full lock-down, to support their families or for any other reason, have been encouraged and enabled to do so.

The port will also continue to operate the Local Port Service, enabling the safe passage of tankers and dry-cargo vessels transiting Whangarei Harbour.

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