COVID-19: Kerikeri Retirement Village initiates lock-down

It is with a heavy heart that we must advise that Kerikeri Retirement Village implemented its full Isolation Plan (lockdown) from 3pm today (Monday 23 March 2020). Here are the basic details:


There will be no visitors to the Care Facility, and external activities will be curtailed, as will all activities that bring people into the Village area. We will facilitate help with shopping and supplies as much as possible for those Village residents who don’t have support in place.

Care Facility lockdown

  • Friends and Family access suspended
  • Village resident access suspended
  • Private healthcare and support service staff access suspended
  • Village Support staff access to the Care Facility suspended

Services and programmes suspended 

  • Podiatry
  • Day Care programme
  • Wellness Activities; eg, Yogalates

Services and Facilities closed

  • Social Centre closed
  • Chapel Services suspended
  • External meetings in Social Centre and HH Murray room suspended
  • Hairdresser closed

Services and Facilities curtailed/restricted

  • Village Support provided with PPE
  • Separate transportation for Independent Living and Care Facility residents
  • Outings will be restricted to drives only, with all visits cancelled

At this stage we are unable to advise on the duration of this lockdown status. We will be guided by health authorities and central government.


The lockdown affects our Independent Living residents only in so far as they do not have visiting access to the Care Facility, and restricted from using Village services and facilities, as outlined above. In all other respects our Independent Living residents are able to live their lives as if they lived anywhere else in town.

We have advised and requested all our Independent Living residents to abide by the self-isolation requirements for over-70s announced by the government on Saturday 21 March. We have also made them aware of the escalation today to Public Health Alert Level 3, and the pending escalation on Wednesday to Public Health Alert Level 4.



Our Care Facility is deemed an Essential Service. We are asking all staff to continue coming to work if they are healthy. We are investigating ways to help with childcare.

All staff who return from overseas travel will, of course, be subject to the 14-day self-isolation period introduced by the government recently. We are asking staff to consider cancelling all plans for overseas travel in the short term.


We are acutely aware of the impact, stresses and strains these measures will place on friends and family. We will bear this in mind with every decision we are forced to take. We ask for peoples’ patience and trust as we manage our way through these difficult times for the benefit of our Village community; our residents and our staff alike.

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